“Don’t Waste, Eat”

Food waste in Seychelles

Did you know that Seychelles receives about 380,000 tourists per year?

Through the food waste audits we established the following:

  • Visitors contribute to an average 0.3kg of food waste per meal, includes food waste produced at storage, preparation, plate leftover, and buffet leftover.

  • 3000 tonnes is the estimated amount of food waste produced by Hotels in Seychelles each year, a small percentage is used for composting by the establishment, some are used as animal feed by farmers while the majority is deposited into the landfill.

  • 66 Asian elephants put into perspective the amount of food waste dumped into the landfill every month.

Today, 48% of the landfill’s content is made up of green waste and kitchen waste, knowing that its almost reaching full capacity, it is about time action is taken to divert organic waste from the landfill.

SSTF Engagement

1. Partnership with Betterfly 

Given the environmental impacts associated with greenhouse gases emitted through deforestation, use of fertilizer, food processing, food transportation, importation, and methane emission linked to the food supply chain, the SSTF decided to launch a food waste reduction program in Seychelles in partnership with a specialized French organization called Betterfly Tourism.
It is a partnership between the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF) and Betterfly Tourism to assist hotels in reducing their food waste by introducing good practices within the workplace.
In line with SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and GSTC criteria D10: Solid Waste Reduction, the objective of this programme is to limit the environmental impacts related to the production, transport and treatment of food waste in the Seychelles island context.
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2. Food donations fair

SSTF organizes food donation fairs on Mahe and Praslin from  hotel, supermarket and restaurant donations.
The second edition of SSTF’s Food Donation Fair took place in May 2019 leading to around 200 kg of food distributed to over 35 families in the Roche Caiman district. Thank you to all the donations made by SPAR supermarket, Alphonse Island Lodge, Constance Ephelia, Bravo Restaurant, H Resort, Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Veni Supermarket, SPAR Supermarket, Tip Top Supermarket