Hidden History Of Victoria

In order to improve and diversify the tourist experience and enhance the cultural offer of Sey­chelles, SSTF, with the kind support of the BHC, developed a self-guided map in four languages (English, Creole, German and French) for locals, tourists and visitors. This map provides an insight into the history of Victoria based on well-estab­lished and lesser known sites and aspects of the town. The map will be distributed at key points of interest for tourists, such as the STB infor­mation center, the port or in guesthouses and hotels. Through the Hidden History Champions programme, SSTF will recruit 4 volunteers who will ensure the ongoing sustainability of the project on a voluntary basis through checking and updating information where and when necessary.


At the moment we are in the test phase of the map. If you have been handed a copy and wish to provide your valuable feedback, please click here! We are very grateful for your time and effort to help us improve the map!