SeyVillas, a specialised tour operator for the Seychelles, has been striving to give back to the destination and engage in sustainable tourism projects in order to promote and guarantee the wellbeing of the Seychellois, as well as the Seychelles’ marine and animal life. In 2017, SSTF initiated SeySocial to help implement these goals.

1. Supporting local NGO projects

In 2017, Seyvillas supported 3 local NGO projects, selected by SSTF, that implement educational activities for visitors & Seychelles and protect marine & animal life.

2. Sustainability news

To share and support existing sustainable tourism initiatives, practices and approaches in Seychelles, monthly articles and news updates are provided to SeyVillas and shared amongst their networks. This allows to mainstream information to the wider public on a monthly basis.

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3. New Partnerships

In 2019, an exciting partnership was formed after SSTF introduced SeyVillas to The Terrestrial Restoration Action Society Seychelles (TRASS), a local NGO founded in 2009 on Praslin after continuous erosion and forest fires had already had a large impact on the nature. Visitors are now offered the chance to book an activity with TRASS through SeyVilla’s online platform to take part in forest and mangrove restoration activities and get an insight into the flora of the Seychelles, as well as the dangers that exist to the environment and the meaning behind these nature protection activities.